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Rewrite concluded, new schedule below

Rewrite concluded, new schedule below published on 2 Comments on Rewrite concluded, new schedule below

First, some backstory on what the rewrite was:

It’s kind of hard to explain, but the version of Our World you see here on the Katbox is basically v4.1. Version 1, which had no name, was a sort of gaming comic with Pete and Jill that Kuurion developed in the latter half of the last decade. Version 2 was called “A Little Wilder,” and the part that was actually drawn detailed Alex’s arrival in Selicia before he gave up and started over. Version 3, which he was already working on when I signed on as his writer, was called “No Use Worrying” and again followed Alex’s first day in Selicia, this time getting as far as showing her meeting Jill and Pete.

Around May of 2010, after I’d helped Kuurion with a few pages, we decided to start over again, with Version 4, which was called “Our World” and was structured almost the same as the version here, beginning with Jill on the beach as a teenager and then skipping forward to, again, Alex’s first day in the city. Around the end of 2012, after much bitter arguing, Kuurion convinced me that we should conduct a rewrite of the story’s beginning, which I am now, at last, glad we did. We’ve just concluded the rewrite – Version 4.1 – and will now be posting the pages from Version 4 that we decided to keep. However, we will be making some minor adjustments to them, most notably the addition of shading, which hopefully will allow them to blend in reasonably well with our new archive.

And now, the new schedule:

Kuurion and I have decided to take inter-chapter breaks, so we’ll be on hiatus for two weeks, but when we come back you’ll be getting updates twice a week – Tuesdays and Fridays – as we work through our backlog of Version 4 pages. I’d like to thank our new and old readers alike for joining us thus far, and I hope you all enjoy seeing what comes next.


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