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News from Kuuion! More sketches available!

News from Kuuion! More sketches available! published on 10 Comments on News from Kuuion! More sketches available!

Just an update, after some time feeling out Patreon and getting a handle on how much time I have available, we’ve decided to remove the 3-month limit on sketches at the $15/month mark and up!

We’ve also marked down the amounts for 2 of our goals, removing the extra ads from the Our World page, and the monthly request sketch stream! These have been reduced from $125 and $200 to $110 and $160, respectively!

Thank you so much for all of your support guys. I feel like some of those limitations were a bit stingy to start, but I’m a cautious one. X


Did Tina just go all transformers on us? Or would it be better to say
that she’s going to race Yuki in her Immortal Grand Prix robot? I say
that as I swear that, with the exception of her right hand, Tina’s robot
kind of looks like it from said anime.

Nice reference to the original Tina OnLine series!

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