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  • Jonathan Vasquez

    Okay, two things. One, “Science takes unusual forms, Peter.” I have a feeling this is a clue. A hidden truth in this phase.
    Two, there’s no doubt that there’s someone above giving Vortex info that isn’t supposed to be shared from a doctor or social security office. And not all can be accessed through computer. Is that spy or espionage a human or an anthro?

  • Vulpine Warrior

    Wonder what type of hat Pete’s going to end up with. Somehow, I see him in a frilly bonnet…

  • Gaboris

    Pete was able to annoy the heck out of this guy within 4 panels. I love Pete more then I have ever before. :3
    Wonder how long would he last against Alex. XD

    • yachris

      No contest at all, there.