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Her suit looks familiar….

How so?

I don’t know, I can’t put my finger on it….still thinking

Wait, are you starting over? Did you just get rid of all the Our World strips?
I’m so confused! Augh! Is the storyline intact?

We explained this on an earlier page. Yes, we’re starting over with a rewrite of the first section of the comic, then re-posting the pages from page 30 to where we ended to catch up to where we left off. We’ve gone into great detail about it on the forums – please check it out there if you need clarification.

(Apologies in advance for the long post! I guess I get distracted and type too much. Must be my ADD.)
Sorry, I didn’t know what was going on as I don’t read the fora. And the page you mention didn’t go into a great deal of detail.

I suppose I might check it out; I just hope the archives are rebuilt/re-released soon. Honestly I am a bit hesitant to go on the fora as I realize that several Katbox comics have discarded any actual content in favor of heavily breasted fanservice (especially later ones). I don’t want to find out that the fora are dedicated to worshipping boobs. Perhaps I’m a bit prejudiced, but something about making such a deal over large breasts just disgusts me. Maybe what I hate is stumbling on something so private, or how society encourages women to deform their body, or that it encourages men to make such a fuss… or perhaps more probably how everyone obsesses so much over boobs to the point of cliche. In any case, I’d like to steer clear of a pervertedly bosom-based discussion.

More to the point, I had been a bit confused about some things later in the archives, so I would like to see the most recent page if it still exists. But as you say it’s only your first section being rewritten, might I assume you do indeed have your archive somewhere? And why do I feel as though my comment’s started to sound British? (I’m an American–not exactly a die-hard patriot, but definitely an American.)

You’re assuming everything on the forums is devoted to worshipping breasts because of fanservice put into comics? Give the place some credit, man, if only on the understanding that if that’s all this entire website was devoted to, we wouldn’t have made the transfer to become part of it.

The archives exist on my hard drive only, nowhere on the internet. They will be re-posted in sequence when the time comes, after a bit of spitshine (probably going to at least shade them).

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