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That just shows how little humans think or them. Expandable and a neans to the end. On a brighter note, j STILL have that song playing everytime I read this comic! So I got an idea. Which song or OST should be this comics opening and/or theme? Pit it on here and we can take a vote by replying to the comment with the song or OST we like. Even Captain Video can vote too if he wants to. I say Nevereverland by Nano as the comics opening for its lyrics suits the groups inner conflicts and desires. What do you guys pick?

Well, I guess I can see why she’s just a lieutenant. I mean seriously, she has no idea where anything is at and is reading a manual on the day of orientation!

On that side, I’m still surprised that everyone is handling this so well, with the exception of Jill who probably has some sort of repressed memory on this matter.

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