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Wakey Wakey

Wakey Wakey published on 19 Comments on Wakey Wakey

Given the comic’s subject material, it seems almost appropriate that I didn’t get around to uploading it until this evening (sorry!) Normally I do it at midnight EST, but I was tied up in a Livestream watching Kuurion ink stuff. If that sounds like fun to you, check back in next Monday night, that’s when he does them:


I’m with Pete on this one. They can go right away, right? So who cares that he went back to sleep? 😀

I’m not as “extreme” as him, but whenever we need to go somewhere and I need to get “properly” dressed no matter how long’ve I been ready to go if I DARE to not stand in front of the door waiting for my parents to finish I’ll be called out on “not getting ready”. 😛

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