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I really don’t get Jills reaction in the last panel.

She just noticed that she’s naked.
But if you mean why she’s saying Art’s name like that then I’m shot as well. 😛

I’m guessing she was in the process of saying something like, “Art, just push her off already!” and she was interrupted… by a vision, like 🙂

Yeah, but then it’s weird why wasn’t there a “GAH!” or “WHAT THE?” response to show her surprise and that her dialog got cut off.
It’s just a small detail, but kinda an important tool with text based dialogues.

Maybe CP or Kuu can give their opinion? :3

Welp, first of all: Art is once again hopeless. You do NOT choose breathing instead of Alex. 😀
Second: Guess Jill will freak out just as much when she notices her new haircut. 😛
Third: I’m SO looking forward to EVERYONE freaking out when they see their captors. Please week till next update… just drop and die. :3

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