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Not so surprising to me that she knows how to pick locks. What other underground ops or activity does she know how to do? Regardless, Arts sister will be invaluable to the group for any hopes of escape. Also, can anyone agree that Arts sister can be seen as Aida from Resident Evil 4? For some reason, I can see Arts sister pulling the same skills and moves Ajda can do. Weapon AND outfit. Anyone agree?

AH, so she’ll be a ROUGE of the team. Cool. Now I guess we’ll have to brainstorm our way through the others and figure out who’s the night, the wizard, the cleric and the bard… wait these are all obvious, never mind. 😀

Anyways, no shocking “I know you” stares with a blanked out background from either of them so far so we’ll just have to wait and hope we aren’t just making a bunch of fanfics in our heads for no reason. 😛

Oh, but I DID find one flaw in this “Trilby and Jill knows each other” (hopeful fanfic)theory of mine. Jill was still a cub when she escaped and thus so was Trilby, so it’s pretty unlikely that a child would be let near an area where “experiments/test subjects(HEY Portal fanart anyone? :D)” are held or even if they did meet it’s pretty unlikely they’d actually remember or just recognize each other from such a long time ago.

UNLESS! Unless if we’re being denied a pretty important information about anthropomorphic lifespan!?!?!? O_O
(???: Nope. That would make absolutely no sense and would break about half the timeline so far.
Gab: OH ruin my fun, will ‘ya? -_-)

Does it actually state anywhere how old Trilby is? Jill is 26, and left… What, 13ish years ago?
Hard to tell from the art style, but Trilby could easily be in her 40’s or more.
Not agreeing or disagreeing with any theories, but Trilby seems to have around a while.

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