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Don’t make a deal !

I think Ron will have to in order to realize that Alex settling down is against her nature. It will probably hurt the both of them but it’ll be bitter medicine for him to move on. To realize that it’s an impossible dream.

A bit cliche’ but probably will work for this. He’s the type of character that needs to be burned in order to learn a lesson. In these situations with that archetype, persuasion never works.

In all fairness Ben is 50% right .Ron has been ignoring women for the past 5 years to continue to live in a fantasy world that maybe one day, and just one single moment when Alex might say “Hey Ron lets elope”. In all honestly however, Ron also had to admit that Ben wasn’t really throwing the right catches that were seemingly benefiting. The fund girl was racist a bit towards anyone who didn’t even looked like a coon to her face she would turn her nose right up. I wouldn’t go for her either, but I see what Ben is trying to say here: Live your life, no need to be picky because no one’s fucking perfect. I would rather be on Ben’s side. Ron needs to realize that he will never get Alex, yeah it sucks but honestly..would you really care for her though? Ron has to realize that Alex is a floozy. There. I said it.

And its true. This page actually hits me down in my soul because I was like him once, thinking that I could actually get with the girl of my dreams to the point where I would purposely destroy alot of my relationships just to be with her. Got the girl and the dreams were just a fantasy.

Well, I can totally agree with our winged friend. I’d be pissed the same way at my friend after figuring out he was ignorring every girl I toss at him, only because he still hopes to get along with his ex.
Being friends with benefits is cool, but if you really want somethiing bigger, then go for it, don’t wait for the person that rejected you!

I have seen this situation develop in the real world…It isn’t pretty.. that being said, it’s pretty obvious that Ron is hopelessly in love with Alex and is willing to go the “half a loaf is better than none” route.
Ben on the other hand goes through women like peanuts but has the skill and charm to keep them around. He is always successful, and willing to make “creative” deals to get what he wants.
Ron takes life as it comes and is usually very ethical…(IMHO this is what Ben really can’t accept about Ron, that he won’t compromise his personal code)

Due to some error, the page says to me this glorious phrase:

“No Comments on Ben’s Rant”

This is a current bug (lol, pillbug) on the build this comic has. Once i upgrade this comic to the newer theme, this error will be fixed. Thanks for reporting though! =D

Speaking of new themes, what is happening to that little

tab in the top right corner that lets you navigate to the other comics?
It has disappeared from some of the comics.

This guy is Letting his evil slip out too much, annoying how gleeful he sounds at the thought of causing a war with the innocent inhabitants. Rookie mistake, never boast about taking back the world in front of the slaves you are taking back the world from. Especially when you taught them how to use power suits.

Did… did he just rhyme there in the end? Really loosely, but still was that on purpose?
I know I have seen so many cartoons where people break out in song over everything and I might just be looking for these things where ever I can, but this is just cool. ๐Ÿ˜€

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