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I FUCKING KNEW IT!!! so how the fuck did the Humans in this universe “lose” the world to anthropomorphic animals? i’d hope they left to let the world heal or something after Shit hit the fan and they they had to leave, or something else that’s relatively benign or non-malicious. but Humans are terrible creatures so i always expect terrible things out of them

It looks more like the creatures were infected with Human DNA… so probably a disease of some kind. I mean look at those bustlines. No animal on earth has a chest like that except humans. Everything else is just flat as pancakes.
There are other strange issues… like if a rabbit and a giraffe had kids… what would they be? How do siblings exist?

There’s also the issue of brain-space. The better your physical abilities, say sight, hearing, smell, etc the more space those senses use in your brain, and effectively put, the less is available for the higher brain functions.
Have they sloughed off their former animal genetic aspects which allows them to become scientists? Or are they behind in science because they still have some of their “enhanced” physical traits which would force complex thinking to be a non-natural outcome?

The one instance in which an acronym isn’t helpful. XD Seriously, i found the BRA gag completely and utterly hilarious.
And…I’m kind of surprised that Hiram Rooseboom dropped the ball on divulging so much info to Alex given that piece of info was probably meant to be secret.

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