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I hope that is not the line for the pre-admission. So maybe Yuki has bought not only her badge for the convention, but Tina’s as well.

Even pre-admission lines can be horrendously long. ^^; I went to MTAC (Middle Tenessee Anime Convention) a few years ago and waited almost three hours in pre-admission… The really sad part was, that was also about the wait time for normal admissions… >.<

She should have know that “half an hour early” is too late…

BTW there’s no “original version” link for the first two strips (they redirect to the third one’s), and the only versions I found were in portuguese; not that I mind, since I understand it well enough to read them (or re-read, since I had already read Tina On-line in its entirety), but other readers lose the experience of comparing them.

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