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The Benthic Reactor Array

The Benthic Reactor Array published on 7 Comments on The Benthic Reactor Array
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  • Gaboris

    Okay so first of all it’s now also visually confirmed that they’re WAY under the water… HA! I knew it! 😀

    Second: THIS guy… I like. Don’t make me regret this, but he looks real promising to not be a freaking jerk in the end.

    Third: Sooo the people either don’t know that their higher-ups “release”/incinerate/blow up all the “subjects” that help them out OR everyone is just REAL weird at trying to not tell them what’s gonna actually happen to them… 😛

  • William C. Johnson

    The vortex is not a bunch of nice people. Unfortunately, this seems to be a common thread in “anthro” fiction, that the furries are nothing but disposable critters. Not an attitude that bodes well for our little crew.
    I don’t think Alex is going to like what comes next, though “Major Rosebloom” might not be a complete arsehole, I hope. 3300 meters? Now that is “benthic” with a vengeance. At those kinds of pressures, there are biological and neurological problems that even He/O2 mixes don’t solve. [See “The Abyss” for example]
    Not to mention that at those depths, it is Cold. and Heliox conducts heat very well indeed. I assume that the Major is wearing his electric underwear. Alex,OTOH …. No wonder they seem to go through “subjects” in a hurry. THE COLONEL

    • William C. Johnson

      Not to mention the decompression time involved in coming back up. Would take days, at least. assuming that one could actually survive those pressures, at all. Again, major plot point in “The Abyss” . Did you know that Cameron filmed that on in an incomplete/abandoned Nuc plant containment shell??? No SFX, actually filming underwater, just not so deep. Put a big cover over the top, to block out the light. THE COLONEL

  • William C. Johnson

    BTW, any nuc-gineers out there that could comment on the operation of a PWR at those kinds of pressures? Assuming that it doesn’t melt the cores, that would be a lot of superheat across the temperature gradient .A really Large delta “T” To whit.. a very large nuclear “teakettle” WCJ

  • MrAMP

    Great…now I can hear Alex’s voice like those people that breath helium way too much. XD
    But on a more serious note, I’m beginning to suspect that the anthros and humans use different words for different things like English and Antarctica.

  • Joe

    Wait… benthic? Good grief, they’re on the ocean floor! Hell, BEYOND the ocean floor. I’m surprised that the complex they’re standing in hasn’t been pulverized into dust yet from the intense pressure…

  • Eboreg2 .

    All these nice and friendly people here, it almost makes me forget that they treat the anthros as disposable!