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I’m not sure if that fire in Trilby’s eyes is determination or just reflection of the consoles ON fire. XD
Also I’m curious, wouldn’t a ruthless and determined organization like this have at least basic AA defenses set up let alone high-end futuristic ones? Heck, even remote detonators on ALL of their ships would be logical based off of them… Or are they really this smug and don’t even think that anyone could oppose them? 😛

Most of the humans we’ve seen are arrogant and consider anthros little better than chimpanzees, using only the most basic of tools and with only primitive mental capacity. They’ve hidden so well for so long they probably think there isn’t any threat to need defending from.
Besides, even if they *did* have AAA they would suddenly get Stormtrooper accuracy the second our heroes took off. =3

Yeah my thoughts as well. We’ll see soon enough. 😀

Also “AAA”? They started making video games all of a sudden? What could they be making? A fantasy world where the creatures aren’t covered by fur and have super advanced tech? Nah, I’m pretty sure that would never catch on. 😛

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