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  • Shakai

    I love the Draconia setup XD

  • Theobservantwolf

    Jill is panicked, Pete is enjoying(intimidated by?) the view of Art’s sister, who is pissed, and Art is a VERY red panda! XD

    • Gaboris

      Ah yes, Kuu’s glorious – GLORIOUS bosoms. :3

      • Theobservantwolf

        Indeed! I wonder who’s bigger, Art’s sister or Jill? XD

        • Gaboris

          Oh YES! The dirty riddle of the freaking CENTURY!!! 😀

          *He points his finger with such burning passion that it would be able to pierce the heavens!*

          TO THE ARCHIVES! There must be some shots where they can be measured properly. XD

          • Theobservantwolf

            I’m sure there must be for Jill, but I’m less sure about Art’s sister (whose name escapes me)

          • Gaboris

            No wonder. Her name was only said twice in the whole comic(at least what I could find) at the beginning in “Checking up” and around the end of Chapter 2 in “Things Returned For”.

            I’m not sure if she changed it or not, but seeing how her suit is labeled L. Canfield I guess she’s still called Lina. 🙂

          • Theobservantwolf

            Thanks! I wasn’t even sure where to look, as tired as I am after staying up all night! XD

  • Dorje

    Almost two decades of repression, shattered in a moment.

  • MrAMP

    Man, everyone is freaking out about everything except for the fact that they’ve been abducted.

  • yachris

    I was wondering why Alex is smiling in the first panel, and then I realized she thinks it’s hilarious that someone would ask *her* to focus 🙂

  • David Allen Ortega

    Well DAYUM!! She has a nice rack