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Power Tools

Power Tools published on 7 Comments on Power Tools
We should have just started the story with Alex already wearing this thing. Our colorist is having some unexpected medical troubles this week, so sorry the page is late. We’re near the end of the chapter, so we don’t want to go too long without posting something. Please be patient, and thank you!

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  • Gaël Coudurier-Curveur

    Chaos ! paths crossings ! Useless warnings ! The perfect recipe for shenanigans !

  • Okamiwolf543

    Like the Spanish Inquisition, I did not expect this coming

  • yachris

    Alex is truly awesome in her power-suit. Hope she gets to keep it 🙂

  • tych

    damn sh*t hit fan hard

  • MrAMP

    I must say that the events unfolding are escalating rather quickly to say the least.
    And I do feel bad for the doctor as he’s going to have a hard time explaining how so many people escaped in just one day.

  • Theobservantwolf

    Powersuit Alex is such fun! XD I notice miss(?) ‘Stop or we shoot!’ has a different gun, beam/taser rather than projectile, perhaps?
    Hope your colorist is alright, we can wait while things get taken care of!

  • James-Polymer

    Sheesh, it’s like the Detroit PD on speed… O_o