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Yeah…something tells me that Pete is going to have a bad day. Granted it’s great to have optimism, I suspect Pete will be taken and experimented on for military/weapon purposes.

And I absolutely adore Jill’s boob squeeze (for sex appeal) and her tsundere (for cute appeal).

Okay, I know Jill is a scientist, Art is an organizer, and his sister is…sexy. I’m just trying to figure out what Alex would do. Is annoying even a job?

More like comedian and Lyn is a escort/bodyguard too.

Are you sure that you know the meaning of “escort?” 😛

the prostitution angle of the word escort is the less-commonly used one – in this case, escort/bodyguard fits just fine as somebody who escorts/bodyguards a person. As in, escort missions in games?

So you’re telling me Lyn is a bodyguard?
Also, Escort isn’t prostitution, it’s different thing.
Escort girls can have sex with clients if they want to, but the main thing being company for someone for a date or social events when people don’t have anyone else to go with, often to retain a certain kind of reputation in case of social issues.
And she even said “the late evening type”, so what are we talking about?

btw; no new strip this week?

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