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  • Lorialet

    Liking Eone more and more.

  • Regulos14

    “How dare you change my opinion of you?!”

  • neksuscat .

    It’s hard to hate someone who’s being nice to you, isn’t it? XD

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    I have a bad feeling about this separation. I really hope big brother Pete comes back for Jills sake. What kind of test will he face? Whatever it is, it’ll surely push him to the edge. Desperate to stay alive and avoid harm, just like Jill

  • MrAMP

    Yeah…something tells me that Pete is going to have a bad day. Granted it’s great to have optimism, I suspect Pete will be taken and experimented on for military/weapon purposes.

    And I absolutely adore Jill’s boob squeeze (for sex appeal) and her tsundere (for cute appeal).

    Okay, I know Jill is a scientist, Art is an organizer, and his sister is…sexy. I’m just trying to figure out what Alex would do. Is annoying even a job?

    • Jonathan Vasquez

      More like comedian and Lyn is a escort/bodyguard too.

      • Daniel

        Are you sure that you know the meaning of “escort?” 😛

        • Jonathan Vasquez

          For Arts sake, I’ll say no.

        • Kuurion

          the prostitution angle of the word escort is the less-commonly used one – in this case, escort/bodyguard fits just fine as somebody who escorts/bodyguards a person. As in, escort missions in games?

          • Daniel

            So you’re telling me Lyn is a bodyguard?
            Also, Escort isn’t prostitution, it’s different thing.
            Escort girls can have sex with clients if they want to, but the main thing being company for someone for a date or social events when people don’t have anyone else to go with, often to retain a certain kind of reputation in case of social issues.
            And she even said “the late evening type”, so what are we talking about?

            btw; no new strip this week?

  • Gaboris

    Okay so am I the only one who has ALL his “bad omen” flags raised by that last panel? Just me? Phew, then it must be a false positive.
    Now I’m sure everything’ll be alright. 😀