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  • Vulpine Warrior

    Oh, right. Apparently we’re on Kamino! Or the Raft.

  • R.S. Laurent

    I take it in this time, or this Uni(Ani)-Verse, the polar ice caps have melted?
    They did say they were in AntArctica…………

    • Black Mantha

      That would raise the sea level by 60 meters, though, I forgot which city we started in again, but that would flood it. (I first thought the problem was that Antarctica would be land, but looking at the wikipedia page, much of it is under the theoretical sea level.)

  • MrAMP

    For those of you wondering, 14,000 kilometers is equivalent to about 8,699.1967 miles. #Metrics

    As for the main point, I must say that I admire the cunning plan here. I just wonder if they’ll get everyone else or leave them behind.

  • Richard Field

    Oh my god yes, a possible jail break plan, I was wondering when this would come into play!