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Orientation published on 17 Comments on Orientation

Orientation films hold a special place in my heart for what an endearingly impractical idea they are. “Here’s some information we need to get inside people’s heads,” someone must have once said, “let’s condense it down to half an hour and show it to kids in high schools.” Thus we end up with enduring bits of insane nostalgia whose thematic trappings long outlive the intended message in our minds. With that in mind, here’s a turtle who wants to show you how to survive nuclear war.


But if they wipe their memories, our five protagonists will forgot to know each other and who they are, like Jill when she was 14?

Oh right, that actually happened… Except that it means nothing. Just remember poor Milo.
You’re kept here for 14 weeks and unless if you’re interesting enough for more research you are starved to death and then “discarded” basically. 🙁

Now I get ot. Vortex is a milatary research facility studying on how to neutralize the beings on Earth. Creating possible bio weapons to target them specificlly. I believe Arts “little” sister knows because she may part of a resistance that opposes Vortex, given her “job” and reaction, I bet she knew about Jill being t
targeted. There must or her secrets she must have but I won’t say all yet. Also, they are not going home since Vortex presence must be known by rebels though not known to public. Cause Jill was sent there by Vortex official. Someone snuck her off. I just know Jill was saved by someone up on that station. You guys agree? Got question about my take then ask aeay! ^^

That’s sound like coming from Area 51…In this world, that is.

Not really. The humans were DRIVEN off world, which is why they think so low of them. They want to take back their world and wipe out Jill and her kind. And no, Jills kind are not aliens that came and took over earth. No, I believe Jills ancestors were part of a project. Kinda like “Secret of NIMH”, except they grew and evolved. Growing past the humans control and lead the subjects of the project to revolt and drive the cruel masters off the planet. Who now live on a station. A station part of a colony. Like Battles tar Galactica perhaps. You guys agree?

Okay this isn’t about the actual history thing, but rather about the station since now that the whole reveal of the station’s location seems to draw near I’m kinda bugged by what Trilby(is that actually a woman’s name or are these humans using code names) told Milo back on the “The Favor” page.

She told him that if he wants to escape he’ll need to learn how to “hold his breath for a long, long time”. How would that help him escape if they were in space? I still don’t know enough about how actual space works, but I’m sticking to my belief that you can’t survive that vacuum by just holding your breath. :/

Every time I think back at that part I instantly think that they’re actually under water or at least well connected to it(Jill was found on a beach after all even if she wasn’t wet or anything).
Of course if they’re deep under water then it’s the same as space. If you don’t have proper gear you’ll get crushed by the pressure so maybe they’re hiding in one of the old ruins that’s connected to water(in caves or at least underground) and they’re the reasons why that Ivington guy and other archeologists before him went missing.

Seriously though, this is driving me crazy and I hope it’ll get revealed soon or I’ll just go mad with theorizing nonsense all the time. 😛

No I don’t believe the station is at sea level where the pressure is crushing high. Ships and stations can dive there but must return to normal levels slowly ascending and quickly before being crushed like a egg. Over time, the pressure is like a Boulder and the station is a car. Place it carefully on top of the car and it won’t be cruahed. Leave it on top for a long period and the frame will give out. Also, figuring the history can help reval motives as well as figuring fne puzzle to Our World. Even the title is a clue. And you’re right that they are at the bottom of the sea. However, the humans there are milatary and research personal. The rest of humanity are off world. Otherwise they wouldn’t stay hidden this long. Pretty there are humans like Irving that are against Vortex. If all humanity were planet side, then a revolt would’ve broken out between milatary and rebel humans. Thus, being found out by Jills kind long ago.

If they wipe their memory how do they know that it is painless?

Well first of all if the subject isn’t screaming in pain while his mind is being wiped then we can assume that it’s painless. 😀

Second: If their mind gets wiped the pain is meaningless since they won’t remember it.

Third: In medicine it’s almost mandatory to ONLY tell patients that things are painless because that way the patient won’t suffer from negative “placebo effect” where they experience extreme pain purely because they were expecting it… Or something like that. 😛

Fourth: They won’t wipe anyone’s minds. They’ll just “discard” of them once they’re done. :/

Whenever I first saw this page, I was instantly reminded of Portal from Steam. The figures and designs are so a match to the Portal signs.

Also, while seeing this page and thinking about those drug commercials that tend to hide the side effects, i thought of GLaDOS. At least the other sphere didn’t come out and say “this is the part where I kill you.”

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