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On the Beach

On the Beach published on 15 Comments on On the Beach

Welcome! We’re glad to be able to present Our World on the Katbox, a long-standing dream made possible by the hard work and kindness of SoulKat and Mihari in helping Kuurion and myself. If you’re a transplant from the old Our World site (may it rest in peace) you’ll know that we were rewriting the first chapter because we had qualms about the quality. After all this time, I’m pleased to present you with the first new page, and the promise of another one to come tomorrow – we’re continuing our update schedule of Tuesdays. Tell your friends!

If you’re a new reader, I’d like to thank you for giving us your time. I can promise a great many strange adventures ahead if you follow the story forward…


She should write this world’s answer to “The Price of a Mile”

Holy smoke! Another Sabaton lover!

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