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  • MrAMP

    DANG! Jill just snapped big time! And not in the HA HA funny kind of way!

  • Night-X

    See what happens when you don’t listen. Sometimes the painful lesson is the best way to make sure you don’t do that thing again. Believe me I had more painful lessons then I can remember.

    • Renadt

      I doubt that would have helped. The humans already knew where she was, so it wouldn’t have mattered. While it did make them more easily spirited, it would have happened regardless. And this isn’t something you can exactly pin on Alex.

      • Vampbanshee

        Jill dont see it , that human are tracking on them .

      • Shadowkey392

        Yeah but Jill doesn’t know that.

        • Renadt

          No, but she is being a bitch about this. She still is looking for any reason to assert herself and her situation. She refuses to bend, and demanded they live by her rules. Regardless, it wouldn’t have helped, but she needs someone to blame. Probably would have still blamed Alex, too.

          • gurrensimon

            Alex popped up out of nowhere and did nothing but cause commotion for Jill she even started a fire at her new house right after she got it. Before that she had a quiet life and all she had to worry about was herself and Pete. It’s Jill’s house and her rules, so they DO have to go by them if they want to stay there.

            It didn’t help that when Jill tried to talk to them about it, Alex instantly saw art outside and ran after him without caring about what she had to say. She didn’t know she was being tracked but Alex was the reason everyone else ended up outside in the first place.

  • Gaboris

    Okay first of all: I’m a bit torn between feeling terribly sorry for Alex since this IS a bit too hard and the fact that poor Jill did have a pretty rough few days behind her… plus this whole “bad memories/feelings” getting dumped on her as well, but still… O_o

    Secondly: THANK YOU Lord for the skin tight boobie galore suits! 😀 Maybe I’ll still find something good about this potentially deadly research slave camp. 😛

  • Vampbanshee

    Sound”CRACK”. Hope not she broke her neck.

    • Gaboris

      Yeah I had that thought for a few seconds myself. But that’s just silly. 🙂

      Just imagine how DARK this whole comic would become if Jill had accidentally killed the most beloved character right then and there. 😀

      Actually that would be a first. I can’t remember EVER seeing a twist like that in any of my webcomics before. 😮

      (???: Are you ACTUALLY implying that Alex should be dead on the next page? -_-
      Gab: … No? *looks around* O_O)

  • Joe

    Such a bizarre coincidence. I follow this and Blaster Nation and they’ve both just updated with new pages showing the comic’s troublemaker getting taught a lesson by being struck in the face…

  • David Allen Ortega

    Man this this is going to get bizarre… Jill just snapped.

  • Richard Field

    OUCH! >_o