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  • Jonathan Vasquez

    I have a good feeling that that new trainee will be a ally to Jill and company.
    Also, is it werid for me to enjoy a story so much that a song or an OST plays in my head while reading? Acting as it’s theme or opening. One song song that plays in my EVERYTIME I read Our World is a song called Nevereverland by Nano.
    I guess that shows how much I love stories no matter the form..

    • Adam Carranco

      Danny from Draconia cronicles actually recomends songs for some of his pages, so I don’t think its weird.

  • Adam Carranco

    I love that blank face he has as he’s accused of having super powers.

  • MrAMP

    :happySnowman: And now it’s time for the Sleep Show!
    :handsomeSnowman: Featuring our newly captured slave workers as our contestants!
    :dropAlexW: :cryArt: :cryJill: :cryPete:
    :gleeSnowman: Come watch as they sleep sleep sleep!
    :shadesSnowman: And who knows…they might do something interesting.
    :happySnowman: So keep your eyes open at all times.
    :pointsYuki: …
    :dropYuki: You do realize saying this doesn’t make it any more interesting.
    :squintSnowman: I’m not paid to make it interesting.

    No but seriously, this came out top notch. I also found it ironic on some level that Pete, acting as the older brother, is actually protecting his “sister,” Jill, unknowingly granted.

  • yachris

    Is Pete sticking out his tongue in panel 5? If so, he recovered fast.

    • Gaboris

      I’d say that’s just his goatee. 🙂

      • yachris

        But… his goatee matches his hair color in the other comics, so…?

        • Kuurion

          we’re gonna run into issues like this from time to time working with a seperate person as colorist. Yes it’s his goatee.

          • yachris

            Really appreciate how you guys are willing to correct even the silliest little details we get wound up in 🙂

          • Gaboris

            Don’t sweat it Kuu. Handle it like us programmer guys: “It’s not a bug. It’s a FEATURE.” XD
            (See my previous comment for the explanation.)

        • Gaboris

          As Kuu said it’s a “bug” with the new setup, but personally I don’t believe that and I’m pretty sure this is a deliberate artistic representation of the camera’s and screen’s color distortion and it works just fine. 😀

          But yeah when I first saw it I laughed for a good while since it looked like Pete grew a pair of huge buck teeth since the last page. XD

  • Angel S.K.

    I have a bad feeling about this…since i saw Jill with her hair cut…I feel really bad myself too…i hope nothing of dramatic happens such the death of someone…Jeez, what a situation…

  • JohnZScott

    If I may offer a theory… Prince Drayven not only knows about Kylar and Joel but perhaps also has feelings for Joel as well? I know I’m not the first to have this theory, but isn’t it possible that he is in cahoots with the organization that’s after Winsley, and sent Kylar off on a wild goose chase in an attempt to get rid of him so he can have Joel to himself? The flaws in my plan is I can’t see Drayven doing that, as I don’t think he’s a villain and entering in to that kind of relationship would be counter-productive as he couldn’t produce an heir and given the stance on such relationships in this universe. Then again he could always marry a Lady Noble of some standing and have Joel on the side in secret. The other theory is that he’s willing to be an ally to Kylar and Joel after he ascends to the throne, given the sweet deal he offered Kylar several pages back… There are endless possibilities but I am content to just wait and see. That’s what I love about this comic, it gets the wheels turning in my head!

    • Hmm.
      I agree with your part about Drayven being in cahoots with Winsley’s gang and possibly Winsley himself.
      Maybe Drayven made a deal with Winsley to allow him to marry Kibbles? Her family background is kind of foggy but I could only assume she’s from a rich family to be able to afford a mentor like Winsley, whom is a grand mage.

  • Victor Masi

    Would the proper terminology for Eliza after Alphonse’s death be Dowager Queen or Queen Regent?

  • TJCrow

    Nice use of gruntled 😮