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  • Gaboris

    I just met this guy and I already want to throw something at his face… Like a big heavy armchair. :3

    Also these guys seem to like their goatees’, maybe that’s why they picked Pete as well? XD

    • Shadowkey392

      For some reason, this comment just made my day.

      • Gaboris

        Knowing that my joke wasn’t a waste also made my day so thanks. 😀

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    Why do I get the feeling that Pete will be thrown into the Danger Room?

  • MrAMP

    Okay, I don’t know if this was intentional or not, but the white room, the attire/stance/euphemism/strut of Dr. Coburn, and the atmosphere give a Talk Show TV Vibe here?

    • Shadowkey392

      No, but it does make me read his lines in the voice of Nicholas Cage.

  • IG Aka Inglorious bastard

    Why does that room remind me of this

  • Shadowkey392

    Guy looks like Nicholas Cage. I already want to throw a book at his face.

    • James-Polymer

      Just as long as he doesn’t start demanding the last slice of chocolate cake, we should be fine. ^^