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  • Gaboris

    Although I didn’t think that this would happen I’m not surprised at all. Good starting point for these two uncover the past for us. 😀

    Also: Typo in the last panel. “You weren’t fully process and…” I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be “processed”. 🙂

  • Majinkoba

    Ah interesting so her name actually is Jill after all, I had always wondered if that was actually her name and not someone else’s she had known in her time there.

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    I’m surprised that Trilby really has no idea why Jill was already jn the database when she wasn’t scanned and processed fully. However, j bet this’ll motivate Trilby to investigate Jill past. Jill better brace for truth though since I have a feeling they’ll uncover more then just her past. Like what became of Jills parents and what will become of her? They better move fast before time runs out until Vortex determines to “release” her or stay for further studies.
    Also, I wonder if Jill was part of a prototype program to send out Vortex subjects to probe and infaltrate major cities or strongholds to help Vortex take back Earth. I have a feeling Jill wasn’t the only one who was sent out like she was as a child. Trilby and Milo (Her previous assistance who she helped escape) will help halt Vortex plan. Trilby with Jills group can stop Vortex from the inside and Milo, who I know survived and completely escaped Vortex, can stop Vortex on the outside. You guys agree?

  • William C. Johnson

    Ident =’s the tattoo? I think the “Jill” part was in the first or second strip.Whitecross was from being adopted. So correct surname is Ames? I think that Trilby has a lot of digging to do, and prob a lot od dirt to uncover about how Vortex works. And what it is doing, or trying to do, to the inhabitants of “Earth”…..???

  • Victor Voracious

    Unlike the Aperture Science Emancipation Grid, this scanner will not zap your fillings

  • James-Polymer

    Was Jill’s question about her fillings a reference to Aperture Science, Inc? Because if so, I love you. =D