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Long Enough Already

Long Enough Already published on 12 Comments on Long Enough Already
The Ursa Major Awards exist to recognize works that are anthropomorphic in some respect, and the time has come for the 2016 nominations. The Katbox and some of its comics are already on the “recommended” shortlist, but that doesn’t translate automatically into nomination, so please, if you can, nominate your favorites! It only takes a few minutes and would mean a lot to all of us who work behind the scenes here, making the things you love.
  • Gaboris

    Okay so far I really hate that guy and already wanted to punch his face in, but now I’m more on the side of using a really big hammer. 😛

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    If I remember my biology course, Lapine or Lapin is for Rabbit. I may be wrong since it’s difficult to keep track of all these scientific names such as Canis and Sapien. You guys agree?

    • Facade Kitsune

      for peat sake yes the room has a Lapine, a Hyaenidae, a Feline and 2 Ailurus
      optionally Peat could be considered a Logamorph but I guess they just don’t want to get that specific

      • yachris

        Well, his intelligence is certainly in the ‘peat’ range sometimes 🙂

      • Gaboris

        Wait… Hyaenidae? So canines are a sub-“thingy” of hyenas? O_o

        • Facade Kitsune

          …I have always been kind of sketchy on Jill’s species

          • Gaboris

            Ahhh! Well in THAT case let me introduce you to a thing called the cast page! 😀

          • Facade Kitsune

            i see that was not there the last time I tried so *edit*

  • Thomas Neumann

    I find myself hoping the general comes out on top in all of this, but unfortunately hes not the protagonist.

  • Vampbanshee

    LOL she grab something from him XD that pain LOL

    • yachris

      Oooh, I missed that — “Poor Art!” seems to be the theme of this part of the comic 🙂

  • Dakota Miyamoto

    Oh can someone kill this prick already?