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  • GrYbStEr

    Love the Snake girls expression in panel 6

    • Avencri

      Thank you! Been trying to give more emotions as i am able. It is way harder that it seems.

  • marzio bergagna

    Hurry, she’s back!!!
    “you make no sense at all…”
    I agree!

  • TheWaffleMan

    Yup, that is one attractive wanted poster. And come on snake-girl, she’s still got guns and knows how to use them!

  • Guest

    After reading the description Avencri, I can almost picture you to your trying to work on your comics with all these disasters happening around you with just an annoyed expression on your face XD

    • Avencri

      Haha, i have just been unlucky. To be honest a lot of it sounds worse than it was. XD

  • Elosan

    After reading the description Avencri, I can almost picture you trying to work on your comics with all these disasters happening around you with an annoyed expression on your face XD

  • LostGryphon

    Mother of Quetzalcoatl: She’s adorable in that first panel.

    • Avencri


      • LostGryphon

        Yes, sir!

        • marzio bergagna

          I prefere the Armadillo girl (more curvys and creamie <3<3), but also Sitala as a cute pretty girl.

          • Phillip Duda

            Quickly becoming a fan of Sitala.

          • marzio bergagna

            Oh no, no, no, I don’t! My favorit girl is Tina 😉

  • Shadowkey392

    From animosity to friendliness to animosity again. That was quick.

  • Phillip Duda

    Some way to log in to avoid seeing the age verifier over and over would be swell…

    • Avencri

      Mihari is working on a fix. You can try it now at the moment and see if it works.

  • Sean Albright

    can’t wait for the next page, I just love this series

  • Ikaru Sentinal-K’Valshar

    Is it weird that I find this page sort of cute?

  • Tyler Burns

    oh she’s gonna be pissed

  • neksuscat .

    yeah, dad, way to ruin the mood for the trip!
    Well, at least for your daughter~ >w>

    Also, DAMN you, censore bar! DX<

    • Sean Albright

      deviantart is better for right now, no censor bar

    • Avencri

      Until the age verifier works correctly i will have to keep the censored version. You can see the whole deal on my Deviant Art and my Fur Affinity accounts.

      • neksuscat .

        Oh, okies! >^w^<

  • marzio bergagna

    Hey , it seems that our Armadilla enjoyed themselves!!!
    No, it will not kill you, she needs you!!! However, nothing prevents her from scalped or torturing yourself, or both things togetherXD So… watch out cowgirl! Do not mess with the Injuns!

  • Argent

    A wild Dan appears! And I think a Knuckles in the last panel, as well. Hard to tell from this distance.
    Also, I love the lizard looking questioningly at Dan’s wings, like, “wtf did they DO to this guy?”

    Nice page Kuurion! I love the cameos!

  • Adam Carranco

    nice job Kuurion, there’s a nice sense of scale. the variety of people, the big evil vibe from it all. It feels alien and makes me just terrified for the cast. also super curious about what kind of rooms they have.

  • Chuck

    I see Daniel from DMFA, I think the lizard guy next to him might be Iggy from Peter and Company, the orange guy look like Knuckles from Sonic, near the top of the panel is a wasp girl that might be Velia from Eye of Ramalach. Could someone translate the Japanese(?) in the last panel?

    • Argent

      I’m pretty sure that the Japanese in the last panel translates to the announcement made in panel 1. “Subete” means “all”, and “chekku” seems like a ‘engrish’ form of “check”. “Konban” means “night” or “evening”, hence the term “Konbanwa” or “Goodnight”, and “resuto” is engrish “rest”. “Anata” means “you” or “your” depending on its use, and “tan” and “ton” when pronounced in Japanese sound like “turn” and “tone” respectively.

      • Yeah, it’s the same message. Falc from the forums translated it for us. I forgot to thank him in the underblurb, I’ll put that in now.

  • Vulpine Warrior

    Great work as always! Lots to look at in this instalment, plus the mood coming off of Jill is palpable. Like Shaze Konohaku as well – hoping to see more of this one in the future. Hope the accommodations are more plush than they sound…

  • M.Mitchell Marmel

    Love the page! And DMFA cameo FTW! 😀

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    Is it just me or aren’t there two people missing? Jill works with Trilby, Pete is being studied and Alex works in the reactor, ( Alex plus reactor may equal nuclear explosion. I shudder at the thought of Alex there.) but where’s Art and Lyn? We haven’t seen the siblings for awhile.

  • MrAMP

    OMGG! Cameos…Cameos everywhere. Seriously, I see Dan from DMFA, Tila from LL, Mister ID, Dreamkeepers, Buff Knuckles, Shaze, and oh so many more. And I’m pretty impressed with the secondary language there. I have to admit that I rather enjoy it as it really does signify the global abduction. Also, it gives Alex the opportunity to have no idea what her cell mates are saying. XD

  • Dorcus

    I can’t help but wonder how messed-up human culture is right now that they need that many slaves in such a centralized location. Automation SHOULD obviate the need for a majority of these people, but combined with “science keeps its mouth shut” suggests a SEVERE cultural stagnation. Such stagnation that humanity is incapable of engineering robots or developing new tech or solving problems in ways that don’t involve mass kidnapping and forced labor, simply because any other solution might involve thinking or acting outside the box.

    This would also explain why they’re so stupid and bureaucratic that they can’t immediately flag the anomaly with the unexpectedly old name (it seems implicit that our “class Ds” are disposed of after a certain shelf-life) as something that needs to be further investigated.