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Well it seems like SOMEONE was having fun. 😀

Sooo lore time again!
Question right now is what do THEIR questions mean?
– They either call Brazil by another name(just like Antarctica, but Brazil isn’t as isolated so this should supports this) or their culture(both them and other places) actually doesn’t know the world outside their own territories witch either means that their culture is so young it didn’t have time to explore(this is what I and probably a good number of other people think) or that they just lack the “drive to explore” unlike the humans.

Uranium, but no Plutonium? Guess Plutonium is the more “advanced” and harder to refine element so they didn’t discover it yet?

Pretty sure they just have new names. Their civilization is way too advanced to assume they haven’t been exploring the world or even lack the drive to do so.
Even if they inherited all the technology from a time when they lived side by side with humans, the fact that they forgot about it either points toward a very long time since the civilizations parted ways, or some kind of brainwashing.
And the fact that Jill knows Uranium but thinks Plutonium isn’t a thing could either mean they have different names for some elements, too.
Because even if they don’t use Uranium for nuclear fission, it’s still a natural element.

Jill is right to be cautious about her curiosity. After all, curiosity does kill the cat. Well, except for Alex. She seems to survive everything. XD
But in all due seriousness, I just laughed so hard at Alex’s mind drawings. That…that was freaking priceless! I am intrigued thought that Jill has never heard of plutonium. I suspect that their periodic table doesn’t go above 92 as plutonium is element 94.

Most quantities of Plutonium are derived from reprocessing Uranium from nuclear fission in reactors for nuclear warheads. That’s why there has been a 13+ year dispute about Iran and North Korea possessing the knowledge and constructing uranium fission reactors because you generally need nuclear power to use up Uranium to reprocess, and as a byproduct, get noticeable quantities of Plutonium.

So my guess is there civilization doesn’t possess the knowledge how to construct plutonium-based nuclear warheads?

Maybe they don’t even have fission power at all. Alex air quotes “reactors”, suggesting she’s never heard of such things. She’d be unlikely to know about chemical reactors as she’s not a chemist, so it would be a new term to her.

Jill would know about uranium either from her work or education, but unlikely to use it. Especially if its radioactive and toxic proprieties were discovered.

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