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Is She Always Like This?

Is She Always Like This? published on 12 Comments on Is She Always Like This?

As I am uploading this, it is still less than six hours since I learned of the death of Robin Williams, who died earlier today of what the news is saying is an apparent suicide. It’s very hard for me to accept that someone who’s life’s work was making other people laugh was so eaten inside that he felt he had to do this. He leaves behind friends and family and a magnificent body of work and a shaken world that never thought it would end this way.

I know many people who suffer from depression, and I suffer from it myself. I also know that many people who do not suffer from depression conflate it with ungratefulness – they perceive an inability to be happy as a person’s refusal to be happy. Without knowing the details of his life, I wonder if this made it harder for Robin – to be so successful in so many ways and still hurt inside.

If you or someone you care for has depression, please be kind – to them and to yourself. Depression is an illness, and people are not made lesser for having illnesses. I believe that this will be a hard night for many of us, but if there is a message to be taken from this event, let it be that we must always let those around us know that they are loved.


Subtlety is surely missing from Alex’s vocabulary. Poor Jill got burnt pretty badly in panel 2. 😛
BTW from where did Alex get the idea of the spire having a restaurant? It’s normal for us since a lot of these buildings have them at the top and tv like to show that off, but to a country girl who barely knows that these things exist it wouldn’t be that obvious. Just a thought. 😀

Also the loss of Williams has left us all shocked and even if he finds the peace he was missing in life it is still heartbreaking for all those who loved him.

If they’d been driving past the entrance to a salt mine around dinner time, Alex would have asked if that had a restaurant, too. It’s not that she knows; she just has no shame in finding out.

It’s been a day now and I’m still getting used to the news about Williams. did an excellent article – “Robin Williams and Why Funny People Kill Themselves” – that gets to the personal heart of the matter. I’m hoping very much that society can use this event as a teachable moment about depression.

Oh right that does sound like Alex. I forgot. 😀

This’ll be a useful read then. Personally I never had any connections with depression so I don’t know how to handle it or other depressed people.
We did discuss the subject at our forums where we have some people with depression and there are a few interesting game projects made by depressed gamers that are meant to channel the situation, but it’s still a distant thing.

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