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  • Gaboris

    Oh RIGHT! Back in the original I didn’t realize what this scene was about. I thought that she grabbed the pan and threw it when it burnt her, but didn’t get why she freaked out, but now I get it, she actually missed the pan and it flew across the kitchen without her touching it.

    Originally I thought that Jill had some electro powers, but now if I understand it right then she’s telekinetic and the whole electric thing is more of a side effect.

    Also is that a partial pentagram in panel #7? 😛

    • zophah

      I’m actually thinking her powers are more electromagnetic.

      • Kuurion

        Yep it’s electro. The pan is metal, which is why she flung it. Pans are heavy, there’s no way that thing would fly straight across the room if it was just flicking it off the counter, no matter how hard you pushed.

  • Vulpine Warrior

    And there was me thinking this instalment would feature Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino… Ah well. Jill’s still looking a bit confused and terrified – can’t help but feel sorry for her!

  • Toshiro Tushima

    Oh, dang! How did she get those super power?