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Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016 published on 3 Comments on Halloween 2016
Tony (our colorist) had his computer crash and unfortunately lost what would be this Tuesday’s OW page to the vicissitudes of technology. We wish him all the best, and the comic will update as usual next Tuesday (11/8). In the mean time, continue to enjoy the lovely multi-comic Halloween page Kuurion did with Cervelet, Nixie, SageStrike2, MasterGodai, and Nekonny.
  • yachris

    Okay… so that’s Jill, certainly, and Pepper and Carrot. Who else is there?

    • JohnZScott

      Nixie from Debunkers is the one in blue with her bat assistant Avi, then that’s Fulvus (who I believe is a tiger/fox hybrid) from Desert Fox. Next to Jill is Raven from Rascals and on the bottom is Maya and the cat is Nekonny from Caribbean Blue.

    • nightarix

      the ones at the Top of the picture are Celia, Genie(the naga), and Lukas, from Addictive Science. Johnz listed the rest.