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Ok, these guys are stupider than I thought, can’t even dispose of bodies properly. Absolutely pathetic villains.
Yes, I thought Milo might survive, I also thought he would turn up in scuba gear and save the day along with others who have formed a resistance, but I may just have an overly dramatic imagination.

So they basically put their victims to sleep and let them drown in the ocean. Bunch of cowards. -_-
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it that Milo made it and that they’re alive as well, but if these guys are planning to take over the world the least they could do is show some freaking backbone… 😛

P.S.: Is it just me or does the water seem really cold in the third panel? :”3

it’s the antarctic without ice. not AS cold, but still cold enough to kill

I see what you’re saying.
Though, to state the obvious, it’s the Antarctic, the water is really, really, cold. Unless they get warn soon, Art and Lina will die of hypothermia.

Putting aside for now how appalling it is how “disposable” they consider their hybrid captives, I feel like there are certainly plenty of ways to do away with them, even painlessly, and to make sure the job is done. Hell this was thwarted by holding one’s breath at the right time. Not to mention apparently Lina was simply able to swim out of it once it was ejected. Is it not locked once jettisoned? (also gives me the macabre thought of just how many hybrid remains are down there)

It is becoming increasingly evident that these humans are not really on the ball as they would like to believe. Sure it speaks volumes that they have been able to keep up this conspiracy and remain hidden for all this time. But I would surmise that over time they have grown increasingly arrogant, lazy, and careless in their methods. Like how no one seemed to notice when they were cutting their hair can tagging their necks that Jill already had one. Even if the likes of Trilby wasn’t plotting against the system I feel like it is only a matter of time before they slipped up in a catastrophic way, which they very well may have already with recent events. At this point, I wouldn’t trust this bunch to conspire to plan a surprise birthday party.

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