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  • Great Basin Coyote

    Seeing Art so flustered and angry in panel three that he couldn’t finish the sentence must be an unusual emotion for him. And minus 10 points from Art for an incomplete sentence; your parents raised you better than that.

  • Jonathan Vasquez

    Wait, wait… why is she implying she may not be his sister by blood or is this another ruse to be with Art? What you guys think? Trick or truth of her not being his sister?

    • EnvyDragon

      I don’t think she’s implying anything. I think she’s trying to say “look, objectively it just makes sense for us to be romantically involved, all you gotta do is ignore that pesky ‘inbreeding’ thing, since that seems to be the only reason you’re objecting.”

  • Facade Kitsune

    i think the next page was the first I ever saw of this story

  • yachris

    Pete: Wow Art, you’re such a lucky guy to have such a hot girl… wait, WHAT?

    Alex: So what? Kiss her, you fool!

    PS. There’s a background image on the body of the page, and it’s “only” 1080 pixels high, and doesn’t have a “background-repeat: repeat-y;” property. So for those of us with screens taller than 1080 pixels, there’s a pretty distracting white background below the image, which kind of makes the bottom comments hard to read. Thanks!

    PPS. This is one of only two web comics I check every day for updates. Really engrossing!

    • Thanks for the tech note, I’ll pass that along to our webmistress. And thanks for being a regular reader! We update on Tuesdays, usually; holiday pages may vary.

      • yachris

        This happens on both Safari and Chrome, on OS X 10.11.2.

  • MrAMP

    I suspect that Art either has the worst of luck or the universe is just messing with him for fun. I highly doubt the humans had anything to do with this as they’re in space. I mean, it’s just dumb luck that they happen to get their five targets all in one place like this…right? I mean wait…did the humans actually somehow influence all this just to capture these five characters? If yes, then I must tip my hat off to them as that’s some stellar intelligence and planning on their end.

  • Sir Hawk

    Am I the only one hoping Art cracks here and really lays into Pete and Alex for butting in on his personal life. I just have this vision of him shouting at them to stop acting like five year olds or telling them to stay out of “grown up” things and go back to their stupid games.

  • TheRebelLion96

    The guy on the poster next to Art is like “Oh yeah, you better believe it kid. This is gonna be good.”

  • Gaboris

    Do I even really need to say anything?

    (I’m not writing SOON anymore. I can’t time the verses right anymore. :P)