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Filler: Up Ship Creek

Filler: Up Ship Creek published on 12 Comments on Filler: Up Ship Creek

Thanks to his (productive!) con attendance, Kuurion’s fallen a bit behind in updating old Our World pages for publication. Fortunately, fellow Katbox artist and all-around nice person Nixie has agreed to let us run this lovely piece that *~CandyStar~* I commissioned as filler. Here we see Alex and Jill, deeply in love and contemplating the sweet release of a watery grave, respectively.

Nixie, of course, is the artist of Anthronauts, and this piece is part of a series she’s doing called Up Ship Creek (here’s another one, for reference). As she explains it: “Do you SHIP any characters? Do you have an OTP? I will draw the characters you ship, in a ship! Two chibi characters, one boat named after their ship.” (We can’t see a ship name here, which makes me think the Alex/Jill pairing is literally unspeakable.) They’re only $20, though she tells me she has a bit of a queue built up. To anyone wondering: Yes, go right ahead and ship any Our World characters you like, with anybody. Nixie can be reached through her FA page, or through our own forums.


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