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He fancies himself a Dunham.

What is a Dunham?

Wait, am I missing something here? How does the turbulence in underworld drug-dealing effect the comic?

I work at a newspaper. And we prepare news for several days in advance. So when really important news pop out of nowhere. We have to re-eschedule the whole week work of notes to fit the breaking news. The problem is that there are usually misscomunication between departments and some didn’t get the memo of the change in schedule. Which resulted in the news changed for later in the week being published with the original schedule which means we were publishing content in advance. I work at the web and smart devices part of the company so i had to do a lot of cleaning from my co-worker’s error. which absorbed a lot of my time.

one thing i never really figured out is why the humans are here still. its quite clear that the earth is no longer theirs and that they seem to have moved on perhaps? is all this a really elaborate experiment taking place across centuries? and if so, Why bother? is it a genetic study? societal? biotechnological? why? and if you’re gonna be dealing with sentient organisms, don’t treat them like numbers. they ain’t livestock. if they grew up surrounded by a more advanced sentient organism (that’s still a part of material existence) they’ll likely be the same as the advanced sentient organism, just with a different appearance. when it comes to sentient creatures that can think, feel and act like us humans, don’t treat them like animals. how would you like it?

It’s freaking Israelis and Palestinians all over again.

What? i know the Israelis and Palestinians HATE each other, but does it go that deep? they hate each other so much that neither group sees the other as Human? ugh. and people wonder why there are so many problems in the world. well PEOPLE are to blame. so much hatred and bigotry and bullshit for no good reason. all these problems would go away if EVERYONE was like my Grandmother. she’s the most loving person i know. she hates no one and loves everybody. the saying “make love not war” will go far in solving all our problems imo

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