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An AMA blog sounds awesome but a bit concerning. I want to still be interested in the thrills and mysteries that surround the story but I don’t want the blog to spoil it. Hopefully the questions aren’t story related and is funny. Plus I hope they arent……. creepy or pervy.

Note how Trillby’s last answer didn’t actually answer Jill’s question. It only shot down the fact that Jill is Jillian. Didn’t exactly state that Jill hadn’t been there before, only denied that she was Jillian by virtue of being “not dead”. Don’t worry, I’m sure Trillby will stop being thick soon and realise that Jill is telling some sort of truth. The only thing we know for sure ourselves is that “Jill” was discovered on a beach as a child with no memory, one of those indents on her neck, and a jumpsuit which matches the ones here. When Trillby starts thinking, she’ll realise there is a link.

Ok, rant about Trillby’s thickness over.

New theory. Jill is not actually Jillian, but rather Jillian was responsible for Jill’s escape, or else Jill is some sort of clone, or experiment, who was helped by Jillian. At some point for some reason, Jill was given Jillian’s tattoo, and wound up on the beach with no memory, but somehow still remembered the name, ‘Jillian’ for which she was named.

Of course, in instances such as these, dead does not always mean dead. Usually depends on how well examined the corpse was. No corpse, no death. Fall off a cliff, not dead… Unless you’re a Disney villain.

“You’re supposed to be dead!”

“…arn’t I?…”

Before I begin, kudos on the whole AMA Blog goal on Patreon. I’m really looking for some AMA goodness.

Wait a minute…a random thought just occurred to me. What happens if Jill…I mean Jillian (I wonder which name she prefers) was part of some genetic testing that caused her to “die” but was actually in some kind of comatose state?

Hm…I have to say that I’m quite intrigued with Trilby’s outburst here. I know she showed some compassion for Milo whenever he was here and during his last few days, but something tells me that there’s more going on here with Trilby than what she’s revealing. I suspect she was either close to Jill and her parents or was responsible for her death. Perhaps…this is why she resigned/exiled herself.

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