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Kissefello.. kiss a fellow… Why do I make this connection… Although I love the Doctor even more now.. Although that hiss in my mind was more like an annoyed growl.. I’ve heard a lynx before.. It’s adorable all the way up until they claw your face off. (No my face is still very much intact thank you very much.)

Looking at it again.. Now he’s more like Larry Butz From Phoenix Write.

Man this guy going to get his butt kick by her.

He’s a unicorn…..a unicorn with virgin detection magic…..a unicorn with virgin detection magic that has cherry blossoms follow him like he’s byakuya kuchiki…..A UNICORN WITH VIRGIN DETECTION MAGIC THAT HAS CHERRY BLOSSOMS THAT FOLLOW HIM LIKE BYAKUYA KUCHIKI WITH A F**KING LIGHTSABER!……….I think I need to lay down, all this awesomeness is giving me a headache, and everything is starting to smell like copper

He’s a Unicorn with Virgin Detection Magic that has Cherry Blossoms that follow him like Byakuya Kuchiki with a f**king Lightsaber and he most likely has a Sexy Fernando accent and his hair flows like the wind blows despite there being no wind inside the S.S. Bubbles.

i appreciate his dedication to protecting virtue, but officer kissefello, funny name by the way, just declared war on every perverted alien in the galaxy within that monologue. I don’t appreciate that, or how he just assumed miss wimble was a virgin due to her adorable facade. did he do that with all of the other members of the s.s. bubble?

… If Johan ever falls in love and his girlfriend wants to get married, he’s gonna have a serious dilemma on his hands.

summat tells me he won’t make it that long…After all Boris DOES have BBQ sauce…*Grin*

Nah, he’s either gonna have something in the fridge, or someone in the brig. I doubt he’s on the cast list at the top of the page only to get eaten in the first 10 pages. Besides, he’s the security officer, so he’s probably tough enough to fend off Boris too.

he remind me the ARMSTRONG LOLOLOL


Let me guess, she was taught not to kill anyone else, right…right? XD

I hope so… I actually sorta like this guy. He’s hilarious.

I don’t think that he will die, however. Not just yet. This has the feeling of an introductory arc, so I have a feeling he and she will have to search the rest of the ship for food, meeting others along the way (much to Caroline’s annoyance.)

something tells me mr. virtuous over there is gonna end up rule 34rd… with guys.

In the kitchen the quiet kitchen the unicorn sleeps tonight… in the kitchen the quiet kitchen the lynx takes a knife… How much you wanna bet that spicy little lynx is gonna hoove him up as a roast or just knock him unconscious and drag him up to her father? +1 for the cuteness of the lynx. The fact that Caroline doesnt like meeting others might push one to think this is where her search ends and she brings the unicorn to her hungry father. In some species the female hunts and brings home the meals.

Ben’s got a heart of silver.

That phrase is new to me. What does it mean exactly?

Well now, Ben seemed like a total jerk before, but now his good side is showing, it’s a nice touch to his character. ^w^
Also, yay for round Mayte’s bubbly tushy showing! ;p

Good luck to you to reach your goal, hun! Sorry, I can’t donate you any more right now.. :c

Oh, so the “container” was actually locked and Milo’s been here for MONTHS and went crazy during that? Okay now we got some important stuff cleared up. 😀

But wait… “Chad and Milo?” Is Art just going along with Milo’s delusions or was Ivington actually with him for a while and then “vanished mysteriously”… Well Milo DOES seem more then well fed to be just living off of fish from the arctic sea sooo… 😛

Also P.S.: Typo on panel #3. There’s a “you” instead of a “your”.

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