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Canada Day 2014

Canada Day 2014 published on
Greetings, fellow honorary Canadians! The time is at hand! Today we celebrate the 1867 Constitution Act, which is what brought Canada into being (as opposed to, say, a war of independence). As Kuurion is Canadian, and I myself am ethnically Canadian, we thought it entirely fitting that we celebrate this day with the cast of Our World. They’re all Canadian too, even if they don’t know it yet. What’s that? You wish you could have this majestic image as a wallpaper? You can! Muse on the feminine grace of Alex and Jill, the entirely unearned heroic stance from Pete, and the excitement of Art. I don’t remember what Kuurion and I decided Art was doing, but from the looks of things his paddle boat just sank. Oh well. At least he can enjoy the one day a year his country is warm!* *Guarantee of warmth does not apply to residents of Nunavut.