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  • Argent

    Doh! The puppy-dog eyes strike again! Too kawaii! TOO KAWAII!

  • Gaboris

    Awww. Shatter all my hopes and dream will’ya? TT_TT
    (???: I’d say they just did. 😛
    Gab: Shut it! -_-)

  • yachris

    You’re sending ALEX to the “Benthic Reactor Array”?!? As in (I’m guessing) the power source for the whole station, possibly the whole region?

    Well, the others had probably better formulate a pretty good escape plan — Alex will bring the place down around their ears 🙂

  • SnYves

    That is some VR Pac-manning, that is

  • MrAMP

    Okay, now that was a smart move on Jill’s part. Better to get away from the main group and a particular somebody and take your chances with a very robust woman. Although, I will say that I got a huge laugh out of the Panel Two as it seems like she’s scolding Jill for being a bad dog. :cryJill:

  • Great Basin Coyote

    I have held the perception that Jill had poor aptitude at assessing people. Her assessment appears to be out of character given her anxiety with social settings.

    • Dorje

      To me it was more that she had a very high tolerance for other people’s foolishness. She seemed to have a fairly accurate read on her acquaintances. She just let a lot of what they do slide, until it builds to an explosion.

  • Steve

    “Pac-man”. Uh huh, suuuuuure. Seriously though, that last panel is the best imo.

    • In an earlier draft of the script it was “Back to porn,” but Kuurion correctly pointed out that Pac-Man was funnier.

  • Facade Kitsune

    and thus Jill escapes the restraint distribution

    without cuffs

    • yachris

      Oooh! Good point!