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So yeah poor Jill doesn’t have any memories of this place, but she still remembered the jumpsuit she was found in, now its clear.

But thanks to Alex I’m back to the thought if they’re really in space then how was Milo supposed to escape back in “The Favor” page? I really hope we’ll see Milo again even if only to see how his escape plan failed. *shudders* Now I imagined finding poor thing all dried up in an air duct. TT_TT

AAAnyways back to a less depressing though: This is what happens when an introvert and an extrovert collides, right? 😀

It’s now clear to Jill that Vortex knows of her true origins. Also, Doug now sees that Lyn is more aware of their operations then they expected. It’s no surprise that Lyn knows exactly what’s going on. Anyone believes she could be a spy or an agent? Also, I think they’re at the sea floor. Makes sense to me.

Hm…perhaps in hind sight, someone should’ve told Alex that Jill needed alone time before the whole escalation of her rage. Granted it wouldn’t have deterred their capture anyway, but it might’ve alleviated some of the tension that Alex stirred up.

And I’m impressed that Art’s sister whose name I continue to forget has a knack for observation and insight into these types of situations, which does beg the question if she really is some sort of “prostitute” or secret agent working for some sort of intelligence community or governmental agency.

DAMN! Now I kind of feel bad for Jill now. Seriously, she’s a grumpy puppy.

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