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Jill Whitecross “If you two don’t want to be adults, that’s fine, but you have to listen to somebody who IS.”
Age Species Likes First Appearance
26 German Shepherd A Job Well Done OW #1, “On The Beach”

Jill is a metallurgist who lives a calm day-to-day life with a troubling secret: She knows nothing about her life before she was 14. After being found walking on the beach by the Whitecross family, she was taken in by them when the authorities couldn’t find her family. Normally calm and collected, she’s grown up with a nagging sense of incompleteness, wondering who she used to be.

Jill is generally antisocial and only likes spending time with close friends, and then only for so long. She’s welcomed Pete into her apartment after his most recent stint as an autonomous adult didn’t work out. She’s grateful to him for all the support he gave her after she joined his family, even if she still doesn’t completely understand him.

Pete Whitecross “He ignores my wrath at his own peril.”
Age Species Likes First Appearance
23 Cape Hare Video Games, General Mischief OW #2, “Discovery”

Pete wanted to be a lot of things, but all the good ones turned out to be hard. He’s not a bad guy, but he’s easily suggestible, and his childhood friend Alex got them both into a lot of trouble. He met Jill shortly after his family moved to Selicia, and now, after a whole bunch of things didn’t work out, he’s living in her apartment and not doing a whole lot.

Pete doesn’t always know when to stop, but more often he doesn’t know when to start. Once a hyperactive child, he’s mellowed somewhat in adulthood, although his senses of what constitutes adult behavior have not sharpened up much. He can hold a grudge far longer than he can hold a job, but he’s also patient and kind to his friends.

“Hank, am I dull?”
Age Species Likes First Appearance
22 Red Panda Quiet Time, The Bassoon OW #9, “Checking Up”
“I packed 23 shirts into a breadbox and a thermos!”
Age Species Likes First Appearance
22 Orange Tabby Bright Colors, Sparkly Things OW #19, “The Arrival”
  • Professor Fate

    Woo! AS made the jump to the Katbox. I’ve followed this strip since it began and have enjoyed it thoroughly. You newbies reading this are in for a real treat. Browse the archives, but be aware, they are addictive. Heh!